Open Source Development

Apache and MySQL are likely the first two companies that pop into the heads of novice computer folks when asked about open source applications. But different open source projects use different models for engagement and profitability. Apache has volunteers all over the world who patch bugs and update code at their leisure. Conversely MySQL developers mostly work under one roof and carry out their duties more like a private company. But the idea, no matter what approach is taken, is to encourage interactions with a community of contributors to maximize the benefits of the open source software model.

RPwebtrack approaches all open source projects - those with publicly-accessible source code - with the premise of co-creation among your brand and your community. Companies want more control over their technology and the way they reach their audiences in the 21st century. Our developers have worked on some of the world's most successful open source projects and understand the dynamics that drive positive results. Open source does not necessarily mean free. Granted some open source websites and applications offer free services. But many companies monetize their open source projects via software services and support.

Here are some of the most commonly cited advantages of developing open source applications for your company:

-Security: due to the code being public, any random user can spot bugs, omissions, and other errors; and make fixes immediately versus waiting for the bureaucracy of a company.

-Stability: there is always the chance that the creators of a proprietary application you're currently using for whatever task simply stop updating it. Open source applications are ideal for long-term, fluid projects.

-Trustworthiness: public code means users always know what is happening behind the scenes. Open source typically means higher quality because companies know their customers are watching their every move.

-Flexibility: successful companies expand workforces, modify business models, and upgrade technology to facilitate change. Open source means scalability and versatility to fit your business needs.

RPwebtrack gets your open source websites and application up and running quickly and efficiently. We work closely with each client in the conceptualization phase to ensure the perfect solution. Contact us today for more details and for an initial consultation.