Android Application Development

It behooves every small business owner that desires a wider customer base, greater dissemination of their brand, and higher profits to develop and publish an Android app in the Google Play Store. Android phones accounted for 82% of global smartphone sales in 2015 and that number has been very consistent since 2011.

RPwebtrack Android application developers utilized the full tech stack to take your app ideas and turn them into a robust, lead-generating, engaging app. Our process starts with conceptualization. We work closely with each client to determine your exact goals. This includes analysis of competitive solutions and devising a suitable digital marketing strategy for your app. Our developers combine years of hands-on experience and expertise, with our signature customer care to provide clients unique and personalized service.

We next develop a strategy that includes analyzing your competitors. We observe and evaluate the download statistics and reviews of your closest competitors to understand how your app will provide customers a better experience. The blueprinting, or wireframing, begins after we understand your goals and your target audience. Our developers determine all specifications, features, feasibility, and any special tools necessary for a positive UX. Since the user interface (UI) is what will ultimately determine the success or failure of your app, RPwebtrack Android app developers test and retest functionality and work out bugs in simulated environments.

We handle the entire processes of getting your app submitted and approved on the Google Play Store. But our work does not stop there. Google software patch upgrades and other issues that come up with technology must be addressed quickly and comprehensively to keep your customers happy. We offer continuing service plans that resolve issues quickly, efficiently, and within your budget. Contact one of our representatives today and let's start working towards your goals.